Image-guided (fluoroscopic, ultrasound and CT guided) Interventional Pain Management


We provide latest interventional techniques to treat pain. We specialize in using ultrasound and CT guidance for treating these conditions with improved accuracy compared to conventional fluoroscopic techniques. The common pain conditions we look after include:

Spine pain interventions: Epidural steroid injections: interlaminar/transforaminal; Facet joint steroid injection/medial branch blocks/radiofrequency ablation ; Sacroiliac joint injections/blocks/radiofrequency ablation;  Vertebroplasty; Kyphoplasty; Percutaneous disc procedures; Spinal cord stimulator; Intrathecal drug delivery.

Cancer pain/peripheral vascular disease/vasculitis/Raynaud’s disease: Sympathetic nerve block.

Head and neck: Radiofrequency ablation for trigeminal neuralgia; Occipital nerve block; Botox injections for headache.

Hand and arm pain: Ultrasound guided injection for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Knee pain: Genicular nerve block; Genicular nerve radiofrequency ablation; Genicular artery embolization.

Shoulder pain: Suprascapular nerve block; Suprascapular nerve ablation; Transcatheter arterial embolization.


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