Carotid Stenting

Carotid artery is the artery in the neck supplying blood to the brain from the heart. Atherosclerosis of the carotid artery is responsible for causing stroke in about 20% of all patients with stroke worldwide.

Atheromatous deposits and plaques cause blockage of blood supply to the brain in high risk individuals. These high risk individuals include smokers, those with high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension. Eventually, these deposits become critical and cause stroke by either small pieces breaking off to the brain or by completely blocking blood supply to the brain.

Carotid artery blockage can be treated with open surgery or by placing stent within the artery. Carotid stenting is the minimally invasive option of treating these patients without resorting to open surgery and incision in the neck. No general anaesthesia is required with most patients discharged from hospital within 1-2 days. Newer devices and techniques with experienced hands have made the technique extremely safe and effective for the patients

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